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Well, I\'m Coryne and that\'s my nom de plume. I come by several names and identities but this one has stuck like glue. I got the above nick from a Biology book and though it may sound cute to some, it\'s actually the genus name of a worm-like centipede of some sort...last thing I would think of when you say the word \"cute\".

Sporty in a way, and a bit hyperactive. I\'m a morning and night person, though afternoons make me yawn. I\'m \"forced\" to project an image of composure even when under pressure. And yeah, I just love that adrenalin rush!

Intelligent conversation is a total turn-on, wrestling stuff a turn-off (why do people get so excited \'bout it in the first place?).

I\'d rather be in a diverse crowd. I like learning something new everyday from computers to cars to different languages, although I really have a bad memory when it comes to people\'s names. I easily remember faces...I just can\'t connect them with their names.

I know how to adapt to anyone I\'m with and I can be as flexible as anyone could be...that is if I like you. If ever I don\'t, you\'ll know.

I\'m old enough to work in a full-time job. My job entails traveling, socializing and other activities that keep me around people. Fun as it may sound, it could be so darn taxing to one\'s self to try to always keep an impeccable image in front of other people. Try smiling for four straight hours and your cheeks would never be the same as they had been before. Try it yourself.

Writing is my safe haven from all of it. A cup of steaming hot chocolate, a pencil in my hand and a notebook on my lap could work wonders for me.

Now, I would like to share with you folks a few of my works...


Luna has been so nice as to give me a forum slot so if you would want to chat about story plots and other stuff, you can visit me at:

...or just click the \"www\" link on top. Makes your life much more easier, doesn\'t it? ^.^
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