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College student with a major in procrastination and minors in awkward people skills and gluttony. I like to bake, though that doesn't mean I'm any good at it, and I swear to God if I make another "Nun Puff" I'm going to slap someone. They never come out right and always taste too eggy.

I feel like "fluffynutter" applies to my personality pretty well, which is why I picked it. Not the sandwich, more as an noun.

Oh you fluffy-nutter, quit yelling at the swallows and finish decorating your cake

I have issues with birds, nbd.

Considered chasing some flamingos while I was on vacation, but I decided that if I was going to be arrested I'd rather it be in my own country.

Plus, it's not like they're pigeons. Their beaks look like they'd hurt like a motherfucker.


I am updating! My story is on too, luna just isn't undating as fast, I guess. Sorry for the delay!
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