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Name: chibijess
Alias: Jessica M
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Well what to say:
[*] My name is jess
[*] I\'m 20
[*] A Virgo
[*] Im English
[*] An alcoholic
[*] A sugarholic
[*] Madly in love with Luke - we\'ve moved in together (L)
[*] Has lots and lots of *jelly tots* friends
[*] I\'m a lefty!!!
[*] Not very well at the moment =[ poorly me

What I love:
[*] the colours blue, purple, black, red and O.o...occasionally pink
[*] acting and being creative in general
[*] sweets or just plain sugar of any kind
[*] Tea, im a proba brit!!
[*] all my friends, i have so many that are in different social groups but i love them all
[*] football
[*] computers
[*] games
[*] Anime and Manga\'s and all cute bishies ^_^

Love all my mates!! IRL and online!!
[*] Ria - my drunken anime buddeh
[*] Honey - my drama mommey - well she used to be i still wuv u though
[*] Cass - looks big and tough but shes a big sweetie and i wuv her too
[*] Rob - my left-handed buddeh *tackle-glomp* he\'s like a male version of me - we soo havta re-do our squirrel convo!!!
[*] Alex - oo alex-chan best till lastest eh! she\'s been such a big help listing to the soap opera my life has become and i luff her for it!!!! *glomp*
[*] Siobhain: Its been like 4 years and we still talk even though we\'ve never met - true friendship there dude!!!
Kai is better than Tala...just so you know.

What i hate:
[*] People who hurt me or my friends
[*] Cheaters
[*] people who dislike drama how dare they
[*] Barbie girls and guys up their own asses
[*] People who ignore me
[*] Coffee
[*] Medicine
[*] Reading really old books

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