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when people ask me what home is, i bite my tongue and don't answer. why? home is your arms, your breath, your smile. i feel more welcome than i ever did in my own.

about → chloe, 15, pinay, infj, aries. i like books, the ocean, vintage things, and music. my life's run by opm love songs, and i like flowers more than most things. i write to stay sane, but this is my fanfiction... place. third place where i post my stuff. (first quizilla, then, then here...)

writes→ kuroshitsuji, ranma 1/2, naruto, (some) hetalia, and maybe even some ouran high school host club.

music→ sosimboys, yma sumac, florence + the machine, deadman (jrock), buck-tick, ayumi hamasaki, utada hikaru, sinosikat, kiss jane, zelle, akdong musician, etc.

contact?→ deviantart [x], tumblr [x], twitter [x], contact form below.

updates: should i even start posting here?

also, my stories are only found here, tumblr (snowytowns), and maybe the YWP NaNo forums as 'jingqiao'. tell me if you see them elsewhere, please? c:
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