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Name: Tiger Lily Swift
Alias: Kate
Status: Member
Join Date: 06/05/14
Last Logged In: 09/19/14
Skin: Pink
I want cookies and cheesecakes.You are useless if you don't bring those to me.0>0.
Hunter X Hunter will become *tukutuku* if it is still in Hiatus.Meh.
OCs in Huntah×Huntah
Hana Mikazo:
Nen type:Specialist
Hair color:Pastel Pink
Eye color:Right eye(Blue,can change into Scarlet eyes 0.0)Left eye(Rose pink)
Sibling(s):Izumi Mikazo
Love interest:My two OCs and Kurapika....(?)
Izumi Mikazo:
Nen type:Manipulator
Hair color:Peachy pink
Eye color:Right eye-Rose pink,Left eye-Blue that can turn to Scarlet..
[Secret:She's secretly reading Lemons and knows stuff about....things..]
Sibling(s):Hana Mikazo
Love interest:Gon,Killua and my other OC.
Probably the OCs I promised as Hana and Izumi's love interest will be....secret~

Hana:Oi!Lily probably needs her cheesecakes and cookies...
Izumi:*nods*I'll eat you alive if you don't...*grins creepier than Hisoka*
Me:^_^'Ehehe.....I need my....

(My Main Story is......)

Hello.Valera left me in this Tigah Lilleh Sweft,so it's my turn now.
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