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Hi! My name is Kimberley. You may know me as Bobo-is-tha-bomb.

I’m from the Netherlands and have been writing for a long time. I believe I was nine years old when I tried writing my first fanfic. I don’t have the original draft anymore, but when I was twelve I started on a story that I completed. Over the years I’ve written stories for various anime like Dragonball Z, Beyblade, Shinzo, and Yu-Gi-Oh, but now I focus almost solely on Gundam Wing.

I get my inspiration to write from books, music, movies, and my travels. Writing is my form of therapy and I try to spend my evening hours telling stories. I mostly write reader inserts, but in the past I’ve also written stories with OC’s and canon pairings.

Fanfiction wise, I read pretty much anything you throw at me, the condition being that the story is good.

I’m active on tumblr, where I post updates on my writing, gunpla, and collecting of Gundam Wing related stuff!
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