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Hi! My name is Kimberley. You may know me as Bobo-is-tha-bomb.

Age: 30
Occupation: Marketing Manager
Sports: Horse riding (dressage), running, fitness

I get my inspiration from books, movies, and music.

I am an avid reader, and enjoy various genres, ranging from romance to thrillers and fantasy. Among my favorite authors are Dan Brown, Nora Roberts, Julia Quin, and Christine Feehan.

Writing was always a hobby. I started with writing short stories about me and my friends. When I started watching anime, I made the shift to fanfiction. I believe I was 9 years old when I tried writing my first fanfic. I do not have the original draft anymore, but when I was 12 I started on a story that I completed. I do not even look at the story anymore. Now that I look back on it, it was horribly written and it had very weird plot changes. But you have to start somewhere! I have tried writing fanfiction for various animes like Dragonball Z, Beyblade, Shinzo, and Yu-Gi-Oh!, but nowadays I focus solely on the Gundam Wing fandom.

Gundam Wing is an anime that stuck with me and I can’t seem to get it out of my system. I know the fandom is as dead as a doornail, but I hope my writing is still enjoyed by others and that it will inspire them to write their own stories for the fandom.

Music is one of the driving forces behind my stories. Sometimes I just put my headphones in and listen to music, trying to picture the scenes playing out. I have a rather broad music taste, but I’m picky about what I listen to. I’d rather listen to a few artists I really enjoy, than listen to everything else that it out there. Among my favorites are Epica, Nightwish, Leaves’ Eyes (old formation), Linkin Park, Michael Jackson, Madonna, Rain, Jay Park, BigBang, Miyavi, VAMPS, Olivia Lufkin, Dazzle Vision, and Head Phones President. My ultimate guilty pleasure is Little Mix.

I have my own horse, a pretty little red mare that I ride dressage with. I spend a lot of my free time at the stables, and when I’m at home I usually relax with my boyfriend. And otherwise you’ll find me reading, or writing behind my computer. On the weekends I love to spend time with my friends, having dinner at nice restaurants, or partying the night away. I also love to travel, exploring cities and foreign countries. I also am a serious make-up addict.

Enjoy reading my stories! :)
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