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Hello, darlings!

I'm SweetDeath but you can call me Maya if you'd like; I also use they/them pronouns. If you recognize the name, I'm on AO3 and I post a lot of Hannibal works there!

My art blog is @

Luna has such a near and dear place in my heart and I am absolutely ecstatic I can be a part of this supportive, tight-knit community.

I'm an artist currently pursuing a degree in Film Production. Not sure what I want

btw, if you would like an art commission message me at or if you would like a writing commission contact me at too! Thanks!

my inspirations include:
-DisneyDreamer07 here on luna (love ya girl!!)
- Labyrinth (1986)
- Hannibal (one of my faaaaav fandoms!)
- japanese myth
- emo scenecore (i missed out on it at its height so guess what? I GOT A LIP PIERCING ON 6/2/2020!! I'M LIVING MY EMO FANTASY FROM NOW ON)
- rock music (wish I could be a vocalist... MCR where u @ let me join)
-idk all sorts of weird shit. i love weird medical stuff, medieval history, and being wildly and freely myself. Fun fact: i'm turning my wisdom teeth into earrings!

message me on my tumblrs anytime, id love to talk!
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