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My name is Riena. That is pronounced Ree-nuh, not Ray-nuh or Ree-a-nuh or Ree-ai-nuh or any such thing. ^_^ I will respond to... just about anything, honestly. XD I\'m a pretty upbeat person, and I like to make people happy and help them whenever I can. I\'ve been writing for about... five or six years now, but I am mostly acting as a beta at the moment. I still have my old stories from all the way back to when was nice, but I am still debating on whether or not to post them yet. I also have new stories in the works, but want to get farther along with them so that I don\'t take half a year to update them. I am currently enrolled in high school and am taking figure skating lessons. I am only fluent in English, but I can speak quite a bit of French and a bit of Japanese (though not a lot by any means). I\'ve done some modelling and acting and I was in one pageant, but nothing really major. Hm... I think that\'s about it. ^_^ If you wish to contact me, feel free. I would love to chat or RP or whatever else you want to do.

Information at a Glance

Name: Riena
French name: Rosalie or Rose
Favorite color: Red
Favorite movie: Pride and Prejudice
Favorite Bishie: Kurama/Youko from Yu Yu Hakusho
Favorite anime: Yu Yu Hakusho
Favorite manga: Hana-Kimi or Tail of the Moon
Birthday: June 20

That\'s all for now! Stop by again soon, okay? ^_^

L\'H˘pital de l\'Amour
Chapter 3: 2% Complete

Chapter 3: Complete
Chapter 4: Complete
Chapter 5: Complete
Chapter 6: Complete
Chapter 7: Complete
Chapter 8: Complete
Chapter 9: In Progress

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