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That\'s right! It\'s me, never_say_goodbye.

I was sick of my old account name, you see, and the moment I saw the PENNAME CHANGE, YES? box - thing, I changed it.
Truthfully, I was about to use 2MIN LOVE , but I was like OASIDJFAIOLSKJF. NO. HELLO HELLO IS COOLER.
So yeah, there it is.

If you don\'t get it, 2MIN is a coupling nickname between Taemin (SHINee) and Minho (SHINee). Yes, they are both male. And HELLO is Shinee\'s newest (yet) single. So HA! IT WORKS WELL. 8D

Obviously, I\'m in love with SHINee (and Super Junior!). If you don\'t know who the they are (more like \'what\' seeing as they\'re groups), LOOK.THEM.UP. You won\'t regret it. Unless you hate Korean singers with perrtyy faces. >D

{ November 12, 2010 } Look at avatar for their picture.
Oh, and I is going to update more ! c:

Um, I\'m kind of at loss here. Ho, ho. c:
OH, YES. This will be a very unorganized list of stories and what\'s up with these babies:

Alphabetical Order (Only for non-one-shot stories)
  • Don\'t Deny The Truth ; Hiatus -- more than 40% that it will be discontinued
  • Full Moon Love ; Hiatus -- more than 60% that it will be discontinued
  • Used and Unwanted, Until I Found You ; Hiatus -- more than 75% that it will be discontinued

    Random Order (Coming Soon ... or much later)
  • Lemon Book ; Various ; Once I have at least three characters / chapters written, I shall post it up.
  • Unforgotten Promises ; One Piece ; Must fix few errors on the plot ; Once I write up four chapters.
  • The Truth Within ; Avatar: The Last Airbender ; character is mary - sue ? ; Two more chapters must be written before being posted up on Lunaescence
  • Sacrifice ; Harry Potter ; Must must MUST make sure the character is not mary - sue, plot - work ; two more chapters

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