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Yes, I am a beta reader!!! :D

So, email me.. Please! D:

Name: Lauren

Pen name/alias: Hieifireshadow, Taiya, etc.

Age: 21

Gender: WOMAN!

Orientation: Quite straight

Grade: College Junior

Location: Illinois, USA.

Height: 5\'3\'\' (Yes, I\'m short. T-T)

Weight: :T

Hair: Brown.

Eyes: The official color is hazel, but I\'m not lying when I say they\'re gold.

Nationality: Czech and Irish, as far as I know.

Birthday: September 18. 83

Random stuff to know about me:

* I have a cat. He is a man and his name is Rafiki.

* We had to put my cat Raja to sleep on Monday, January 5, 2009. I miss him very much. Turns out that he had a tumor in his nose, which caused cancer. At least he got to have nice Christmas before he left us. Goodbye, my lovely kitty.

* My Grow-a-Frog, Frogger, was released by my mom into the pond in our backyard in the summer of 2009, which she didn\'t even tell me about. :( Bye bye, darling!

* I\'m autistic. :D But it\'s high-functioning. Thus, it means that my learning patterns and abilities are crazy awesome. I had a 504 in school, which means that I could have longer amounts of time for tests and such. Yay! But I don\'t need those, anyway, so what gives? Meh! I\'ve been in honors English since 6th grade. :D I\'m really bad socially. I can\'t deceipher people\'s faces. D: Yeah. Go look it up. My hands hurt. :D

* I\'m pretty new to the area that I live in now. I moved to my current home on.... Brace yourself... 6/6/06. I KNOW IT\'S SO CREEPY D:

* But the above is now a lie, because I moved last Wednesday (June 22nd 2011) to a different house. And it\'s all weird and stuff.

* And the above-above is a lie, as well. New, smaller, stupid-er house. Ew. 2012 is okay, I guess.

* I\'m a really romantic person. That\'s why I read fanfiction. :D

* I gave blood for the first time in November 2008. (Crazy difficult with my fear of needles.. I\'m so proud of myself!! xD)

* I have quite a few online friends in Canada whom I\'ve never met. (That includes LittleDuck-chan.. And Lucky-chan!) I also have a friend who lives in the Netherlands and a few from Britain and Australia. :heart:

* My favorite TV shows are Doctor Who and Adventure Time with Finn and Jake, as well as Parenthood and The Biggest Loser. And Chuck. :heart:

* My favorite candies are Strawberry Laffy Taffy and Bullseyes. Numnumnumnum. I also like gummies. Num.

* My favorite movies are The Chronicles of Narnia movies, Dead Poets Society, Newsies, the Harry Potter series, and pretty much every Ghibli movie.

* I actively play StepMania, but my computers are jerks, because they skip and tell me that I miss steps with I don\'t. :]

* I used to play Unreal Tournament 2003 a lot, but there\'s basically nobody there anymore, except bots. :(

* My favorite drink is a tie between Blue Powerade, water, iced tea, Boston iced tea, Arnold Palmers, and Bellini peach tea from Olive Garden. :D

* I love to read.

* I was in a bowling league courtesy of my friend Washu and I\'m still learning the ropes.

* I love photography, but my parents won\'t let me pursue it as a career because they think it won\'t reel enough money in. :]

* I\'m a Jacob Black fan, but I\'m not a Twilight otaku.

* I\'m going to the local college for the third year in a row because I\'M POOR :D

* I voice Tails in the Sonic plushie series directed by SonicSong182 on YouTube. I also voice Rarity the Unicorn in My Little Pony: Camaraderie is Supernatural, which is on YouTube, as well. I am quite good at imitating a lot of voices, if I do say so myself. See my YouTube for more info~ :) Feel free to hire me if you are competent and bent on making something with the characters that I showcase there. :heart:

* I do have a few original characters, including those I created for a semi-failed story, Fobik, consisting of many werewolves (they are fancy), as well as those that I created for another book series that I never started and ones from a self-made \"teens injected with animal DNA\" storyline. I also have Ellie, the daughter of Sirius Black, and Taiya, my self-insert, who is adaptable for any series. :D

* I went to the opening of The Wizarding World of Harry Potter in Orlando, Florida and was in a select group of 150 or so people to get in right after the VIP guests, thus meaning that I saw each one of the actors who attended. The whole thing was mostly accidental. xD Oh, and Rupert Grint waved at me. :heart: ...But Tom Felton gave me the cold shoulder. xD

* And then I met Tom Felton at Wizard World Chicago in August 2012 and it was awesome until I totally made a fool of myself~

* I went to the UK in the summer of 2012 and it was AMAZING ASUFHasddfjhasd.

* I went to the men\'s section at Kohls and bought a dude sweater because I like baggy ones and because I feel lonely. xD

* My parents got divorced a few years ago and I absolutely hate my family life right now. :D I live with my mommy and sister in Illinois, while my papi lives in Texas. :(

* I\'m a grammar FR33K. Liek, fur reels. :U I guess that stems from my abilities in English.

* I\'m starting to post all of my old one-shots on Luna now, because I can. And I did the Summer Fic Trade because I needed to write more. :)




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