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Hiya! This is Tony and this profile was last updated on December 30th, 2018!

Random facts about me include

- I'm 24, about 5'5", and have blue hair

- I have an obsession with Kingdom Hearts and used to be into Sherlock Holmes, The Hobbit, and Hannibal

- I used to write mostly Johnlock and Bagginshield but I'm mainly about Kingdom Hearts nowadays

- Am a complete and utter romantic cheeseball while also adoring angst

- Have a tendency to procrastinate

- I like to get feedback quite a lot, so this leads me to posting up stories and things without thinking about the ending or even the plot.

If you need to contact me, please visit me at Tumblr!
Anonymoussong [dot] tumblr [dot] com


Holy Plot Bunnies Batman!

So, these are the ideas I came up with but will probably not actually do anything with. They have no plot whatsoever and most of them aren't even written, besides maybe a chapter or two.


Breathe [Original Story]
They met in the strangest of ways, which is to say it was fate.
Afterwards, his life would never be the same yet he would love every minute.
As long as he was with her.
She got better until the end, until it all spiraled down.
\"Remember to breathe, darling.\"

[John/Mary, Eventual John/Sherlock] Hand to Hold [BBC Sherlock Story]
A Parent!lock story of ridiculous proportions.


Works In Progress

Story: Beginning of a Long Day

Rated: 13+


Summary: Being an agent for S.H.I.E.L.D. is hard. It\'s even harder when your job is to get the members of the Avengers to actually work together. THE AVENGERS MOVIE SPOILERS


Story: Through Her Eyes

Rated: 13+


Summery: Prequel to "The Beholder Lost"

There once was a little girl named Hakumei. One day, she received a weapon that she didn't ask for and she watches with her amber eyes as it sweeps her life apart.


Story: The Beholder Lost

Genre: Adventure, Romance, Drama, Fluff

Rated: 17+


Summery: It's been seven months since you woke up. Woke up to find yourself in a dark and scary world where monsters roam and scare people. Seven months since you met Kouken and started to learn the ways of Halloween Town. Seven months since you woke up without memories.

But now that Kouken has been captured by things called Heartless, you must travel the worlds to find your friend and your lost memories.

Completed Stories or One Shots

A Thousand Years [Legend of Zelda One Shot for Fic Trade]
"I have loved you for a thousand years. I'll love you for a thousand more."

Cats Are Supposed to Hate the Rain, Right? [Black Cat One Shot for Fic Trade]
Train thinks about his relationship with you and rain.

Getting The Picture [Kingdom Hearts Crack One Shot]
The behind-the-scenes on how the picture of the game came to be. Totally OOC and downright ridiculous but funny. :)

Hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia [Kakashi Drabbles]
Response to "10 Drabbles" by DamnBlackHeart.

Magical Coffee [Green Hornet One Shot for Fic Trade]
And here you thought Kato was the genius coffeemaker.

Name Drawn [Hunger Games One Shot for Fic Trade]
Don't be ridiculous. We'll always be together like we are now.

Questioning [Birthday gift for Animeangel10632]
Haruna and Sora are happily together... But their son's hair is blond?

Sporks [Axel One Shot for Fic Trade]
Never talk to Axel about sporks... It might go badly.

Stay [Riku One Shot for Fic Trade]
Stay with me. Just stay with me.

The Flame and The Hawk [FMA Crack One-Shot]
Rebecca was sick and tired of seeing Roy and Riza NOT together and married yet. So, she had a few words for the Flame Alchemist...

The Sky [Original One Shot]
Just something I wrote when I looked up at the sky and noticed how pretty it is. What's your favorite sky?

What's More Important? [A Song of Fire and Ice/ Jaime Lannister One Shot for Fic Trade]
What's more important, your honor or the honor of another?

You're Back [Original One Shot for Fic Trade]
I need a second to understand that I have you in my arms again.


Story News

I completely forgot about this website to be perfectly honest. I'm found over on AO3 under this same username! I'm about 98% sure that all the stories on here have been abandoned, sorry.

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