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Hello and Welcome! To All Those Who Dare To Enter My Domain!

>:3 Now Hereís a little about me ^-^

Real Name: BlairÖ.. I know different right?

Age: 18

Occupation: Student/Artist/Anime lover/ Ö..yes I have no life really ^^í

Birthday: May, 23, 1991

Studying: Photography, Painting, Normal 11th grade stuff.

Ambition: To Try to open up to people moreÖ which is something Iím working on.

Music Style: Iíll listen to anything really I love all kinds of music the only thing that really bugs me is Rap and Country I donít know why but Iíve never been able to stand it. To this day I still donít know why but I listen to a lot of Japanese music. Mostly ACFG, Flow, Utada Hikaru and many more bands. Trust you donít want to know ALL of them XD.

Sports?: Never really was too much of a sports person but I was really into Baseball and played on a team for two years but stopped. But the thing that Iíve always loved and still do is Dance which Iíve been doing for ten years on and still going I hope to go somewhere with it someday maybe.

Hobbies: Writing, Painting, Reading, Drawing, Photography pretty much in other words Iím a Artist, I love to travel and have been too many different places like Japan and Italy. I hope to write a book someday and have it published still working on that. I hang out with my friends 75% of the time during the school year most of the time though Iím working on my school work as well as my fan fiction. I watch Anime and read Manga a lot more than I should pretty much saying that I have no life really. I love to play video games my favorite games of all time are Kingdom Hearts and FF. I love to cosplay though Iíve only been doing it for a short time.

Favorite Animes: Dragonball Kai, Naruto Shippuuden, Bleach, Code Geass, Death Note, Full Metal Alchemist Brother Hood , Inuyasha, Fushigi Yugi, DBZ, Yu-gi-oh, Tsubasa, XXX Holic.

Favorite Manga: Naruto, Bleach, D.Gray-Man, Full Metal Alchemist, Mahou Sensei Negima!, Special A, Fruits Basket, Vampire Knight, Ouran High School Host Club, XxxHolic, Tsubasa and many more.

Style: I donít have too much of a style really I like to wear dark colors along with any anime shirt that I can find really. But I will never wear skirt Iím against them and think that they should die. >> but I usually just wear t-shirt and jeans nothing special really.

Romantic Status: Single; Though I have been in one relationship before and all that I have to say is that its different. But Iím single right now. And Iím not looking for anyone at the moment I mean if it happens it happens but if it doesnít then..oh well.

~: Current News: ~

December, 5, 2009
DDDDAAANNNGG time sure flies these days doesnít it XD well anyway I have to say that its around the Christmas time again and Iím feeling happier. Than Xemnas with kingdom hearts, but anyway I havenít really been writing lately have really bad writers block it sucks!
>____< but Iím currently working on thinking the next few chapters up for Twilight Skies and still rewriting kiyoshi Hikari. Uh as for Miki Kokoro thatís going to be unfinished since 358 came out it just doesnít really make since. But Iím thinking of a few one-shots that I met write and possibly a short series.
It all depends if I can get past this writerís block, but im taking request so if you one written just be sure to let me know.

My Stories: on Luna

|~|Twilight Skies|~|

Love Interest: Riku
Story Progress: chapter four.....23%
Genre: Adventure, Abuse, Violence, Romance, Horror
Total chapters: Twenty Three
Rated: 17 +
Summary: Mayu is the princess of Kaito Kingdom; she is pure and innocent as the same a princess of heart. when day when Mayu is ten years of age her father the king passes away. Leaving the kingdom in Mayu\'s hands though still being a child the kingdom council. Have Mayu marry Takuma against her will who becomes the next king. Though Takuma is not what the Kingdom thought he would be no he\'s the complete opposite. King Takuma runs the kingdom into ruin not to meant beats and raps Mayu. Though one time when Mayu is 14 she is called to the throne room by King Takuma, one things leads to another of Riku pops out of nowhere and saves Mayu\'s life. But Riku is not the knight in shining armor Mayu thought he\'d be. (Mayu x Riku) pairing Status: posting

|~| Kiyoshi Hikari|~|

Love interest: Sora
Story Progress: Chapter Three.....55%
Genre: Adventure, Action, Friendship
Total chapters: far
Rated: teen
Summary: Rina and Luna along with their friends Misaki and Haruko were living a peaceful life in their small hometown Nights Dawn when one day Luna Rinaís older tiwn sister goes missing. With the help of Misaki and Haruko they find their friend only to find that something isnít right with her. This all happens during a storm that sucks up the island Haruko and Misaki are the first one to disappear. With their world gone and their friends missing both of the twins find themselves on different worlds that are unknown to them until Rina meets a boy with a key and Luna finds a sliver haired boy. Status: Hold (Being Rewritten soon to be updated)

~:One Shots:~

~Kingdom hearts

Sora ~ Romance ~ Star of Destiny; Quizilla Transfer

Riku~ Romance/ fluff ~ Can\'t sleep without you; Luna original

Roxas ~ Romance/Action, Drama, Fluff, Humor ~ Can Nobodies Love? ~ Luna Original ~: Things To Come: ~


*Sigh*Ok I canít believe that I have to do this but I do not own Kingdom Hearts belongs to its respected owner. However I do Own Kiyoshi Hikari, Twilight Skies, their plots and Original Characters belong to me.

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