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I am obsessed. I can\'t help it.

Jo Katsuragi is shexx on legs. I\'d jump him anyday.

Mynto-kun is a kitty. (That can dance and meow.)

Mynto-kun is very young, so therefore very gullible.

English is Mynto-kun\'s third language.

Mynto-kun is also very hot-tempered and possesses a rather... colorful vocabulary.

However, Mynto-kun is very loving when it comes to her readers or her fellow authors and authoresses.

Mynto-kun loves her manga and will bite someone\'s face off if deprived of manga for more than 12 hours.

Bleach, Naruto, Loveless, G.Gray-Man, KHR and Ouran High School Host Club are among the top of the list of Mynto-kun\'s favorites.

Innocent Venus is Mynto-kun\'s favorite anime series at the moment.

Mynto-kun will also bite faces off for Harry Potter.

Mynto-kun is in love with sweets and will probably become a diabetic cat sometime very soon.

Aand Mynto-kun will now stop referring to herself in the third person.

It gets creepy after a while, ne? :3

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