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Hey there! Your at Pickles homepage! (:

About The Author:

Name: Pickles
Age: Somwhere between 15 and 22
Gender: Female
Birthday: September 26th
Hobbies: Slowpitch, Video games, Friends
Likes/Loves: Chocolate, Anime, Sleep
Dislikes/Hates: Spiders, Homework, Essays
Looks: Really short, 4\'11\'\'.5 to be exact haha. Medium/long brown hair with highlights and brown eyes.
Personality: I am completely outgoing. I don\'t know how to shut my mouth and I\'m always happy. I seriously can\'t stay mad at someone for awhile and I want to talk to anyone I possibly can. I give out my trust way too easily sometimes but if you are a guy of my interest, I have no trust for you what so ever. There\'s only so many times someone can be hurt in their life.
Ambition: Believe it or not, even though I\'m this short, spunky girl who\'s decent looking, I want to join the airforce. I love to fly and I\'m going to go into the airforce, join the AFA (Air Force Acadamy), become a ranking officer, and THEN I\'m going to apply at NASA to become an astronaut. I\'m going to be the first little person on the Moon. The 13th person too. And then I\'m going to get a tattoo on my upper right shoulder of the Moon with 13 cratered into it ^.^;; It\'ll happen! You watch!
Obsession(s): Chapstick, Sprite, My Cat *hugs* My cat is sitting on my lap as we speak ^.^ everytime I am typing my story, he is with me 100 percent of the way! Thank Mike the Cat because he gives me my inspiration! *nods*

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -


Anime(s):Naruto, Ouran Highschool Host Club, Bleach, Code Geass, Tsubasa Chronicles, Black Cat, FullMetal Alchemist
Non-Anime: 90210, Ghost Whisperer, Greek
Video Game(s): Naruto, Call Of Duty 4, Guitar Hero, All Final Fantasy\'s
Book: Ehh, really anything that seems catchy
Movie: Transformers all the way :D
Singer/Band:Paramore, Ayumi Hamasaki, Utada Hikaru
Song: Yura Yura by Hearts Grow

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -


Mood: Completely wide awake
Song: Something that was playing on Americans Got Talent idk what it iss
Craving: To fall asleepp but I cant!
Wants: Summer to be extendedd



My Pet Can Talk...and He\'s a Prince?!: A short series I\'m thinking about making. Naruto based. We\'ll see how well this goes.

Serenity: Young Rei Miyazaki already has enough on her mind. A dead mother, transvestite father, and moving to a new school and new city. She\'s a normal girl with average problems. So, explain to her again why she\'s being chased down by a psychopathic alien?

Currently In Progress;;

Phantom Daydream

There\'s No Such Thing As Love

Love Interest:\"Image
Genre: Romance, Comedy, Tragedy
Rated: [17+] Implied Sexual Scenes, Adult Situations, Drug Refrences, Language
Length: Going for over 20
Summary: \"Love is that condition in which the happiness of another person is essential to your own.\"--Robert Heinlein.

Sai Yashi


Series- Ouran High School Host Club
Love Interest- Hikaru
Name- Sai Yashi
Age- 17
Birthday- September 26th
Personality- Very tempermental. She constantly shys away from people who try to get too close. She\'d rather keep everything bottled up than commit to a friendship. She\'s very blunt and honest and could careless what anyone thinks about her. When you actually become her friend, she\'s one hundred percent loyal and gives her entire friendship to you. If she wasn\'t chained up, that is.
Hobbies- Violin, Piano, Martial Arts
Likes- video games, Ramen, instant coffee
Dislikes- Takahashis, Hikaru (at first), Art (at first), liars
Dream- To live her own life
Bestfriends- Haruhi and Yumi


Series: Serenity;;Original Fanfiction
Love Interest: Kyou;;OC
Name: Rei Miyazaki
Birthday: April 11th
Personality: Rei, to sum it up, is a sarcastic bitch. She spits on people she doesn\'t like and says whatever the heck she wants to. She\'s very outgoing, though, and loves to make friends. During her first day at Okinawa High, she makes a few friends and shows off a lot of her athletic skill. Even though she\'s confident, she\'s actually afraid of the dark and she\'s really clumsy. When she\'s focused on something, she\'s alright, but when she becomes flustered, embarrassed, carefree, or anything, she tends to fall on her face or knock something over. She likes to annoy the crap out of Kyou, an annoying, idiotic, bastard who she is forced to befriend. She\'s completely loyal one hundred percent to her friends and gives out her trust way too fast to people.
Hobbies: Annoying Kyou, Playing Baseball, Eating
Likes: Pizza, Winning, Taking Pictures
Dislikes: Kyou, Doing Nothing, Waiting, Fish
Dream: Win The Lottery
Bestfriends: Not sure yet ^____^;; haha, it\'ll show in the story! *encourages to read*


Series:Princes and Waitresses Don\'t Mix!
Love Interest: Naruto
Name:Yui Hatake
Birthday: July 20th
Personality: Yui is a very complicated person to get. She absolutly hates anything girly. She\'s basically a tom-boy; plays soccer, hates dresses and dancing, and hates getting ready. But she loves to shop, hates bugs, and loves to paint. She paints anything and everything that\'s girly. She\'s also a waitress. So, how does she fit into the world of royalty? Well, let\'s just say a rival + a ball + a prince + dancing and dresses = ironically, the best night of Yui\'s life.
Hobbies: Painting and Taking Pictures
Likes: Paintings
Dislikes: Pickles, Dancing, Dresses, Bugs
Dream: To become a famous painter and save up and buy her own art studio.
Bestfriends: Ino, Sakura, Choji, Kiba, and Shikamaru.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Updated: July 28th, 2010

Please don\'t kill mee!

I AM SO SORRRY! I know it has been FOREVER! But I have been busy all summer no joke. And when I wouldn\'t be busy I would be watching anime, manga and playing Final Fantasy 13. I would work on my stories every now and then but then I would just stop. I\'m now going to try and update everything with two chapters before school starts. I have been making you guys wait wayy too long.

Okay, so I know I have like- marching band and dislike- marching band. I can\'t wait cause I\'m captain and I\'m just so excitedd! But, it takes up my whole summer. Basically, this is my last week of summer. So I will work on stuff as much as I can. I\'m trying to finally finish chapter 6 of TNSTAL. I wanna start my drabble cause I could maybe update that frequently. PAWDM is a short series, probs 8 or 9 chapters, maybe more not sure. STY, I don\'t know how many chapters I want with this yet. We\'ll see how this goes I don\'t know yet.

I won\'t let you guys down. I\'ve been getting alerts still and messages and you guys are reminding me of my stories and keeping me going. Keep it up and an update will be seen this week I promise.

TNSTAL- I know where to go with this, but I think I have to watch OHSHC a bit so I can remember Renge and Nekozawa.

PAWDM- I know what I want to do with this I just dont have the motivation to do it but tonight I got some motivation so I worked on it a bitt.

STY- I was really thinking about this and I realized this could be a long series because I\'m basically making it up and I don\'t think I have the time for that. I still have to this about this story.

PAWDM and TNSTAL are my main stories right now. Same with the drabble. STY may go I\'m not sure yett. Keep up with me guys I\'m still here!

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