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Name: Beast of Bird Fowl, or BoB-F for short.
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UPDATE: I\'ve just finished deleting my stories, so if you find them missing just read whats below so you can find them again. I\'m going to try I have them all posted on today but they will be posted within the next week for sure.

I am removing all of my stories from Luna, if you would like to continue reading them you can find them on under the same titles and username. I will be posting an author\'s note on all my stories stating the same thing, I will also list my stories here and let you know if any are discontinued. I love all my readers so I hope you keep reading my stories even if they aren\'t on Luna.

Thanks Come Again: This story is complete but awaits a continuation. It will be posted on

I Don\'t Dance With Strippers: This story is complete but will be re-posted on

Private Party: This story is complete but will be re-posted on

Painted Black: This story is incomplete but will be posted on

A Stranger\'s Dream: This story will likely be discontinued but what chapters there are will be posted on

Never Forget Me Twice: This story is on a temporary hiatus until I can get my muse back, it will be posted on as well.

Mmm. I\'m not really following BB to since I\'d long since made the move, but since she\'s going to be removing all her stories, I am too. BB was kind enough to share her username with me when Luna wasn\'t allowing new writers and since she\'s leaving, it feels a bit wrong to keep her name, ya know? If you\'re still interested in my stories, I post under the username Welcome the Rising Sun. Like BB, I love those who have read, favorited, and reviewed my stories and hope you\'ll read them there as well. If not, it\'s been a fun journey.

See ya next time, duckies~!

- Amar

Beast of Bird Fowl
Welcome the Rising Sun
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