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Hello, this is Linn Caj. For the time being, I will be the one submitting stories here, though this is Ayune-chan\'s profile. She will most likely be the one reading and commenting. So hopefully don\'t get us confused, please!

Hello! This is Ayune-chan the owner of this account! My friend Linn Caj has already informed you of our situation I see so I feel no need to address the matter once more. I do write fan fics of course, but writers block has struck me. *sigh* Oh the cruelty!!! TT.TT But hopefully you will be seeing some stories from me soon. In the meantime though, please enjoy the stories Linn Caj submits!!

Update: To slay my writer\'s block, I\'ve teamed up with another friend of mine (Possumfox) to do a collaboration, and we\'ll be posting that here. It\'s called \"This Does Not Compute\", so don\'t get it confused with Linn\'s stories, but make sure to read hers too! If you want to get ahold of Possumfox directly, I\'ve listed her Deviantart page as mine, and you can easily message her there!

Update: Her boyfriend, Mathew, was here!
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