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Yo, I'm Straw, resident school-addict and reader-insert fan-ficcer.

Sex scenes don't interest me, so I don't write 'em.

I'm twenty-nine and have a BA in Creative Writing, an MA in English, a certification in Professional Copyediting (despite being unable to write something without a typo, I know), and am on my way to becoming a licensed court reporter.

(I say all this because people ask me how I got so good at writing--which is debatable and there's always room for me to grow--and it's mostly because I've been doing it for about sixteen years now and I've had a lot of opportunities to learn. Oh, and I read a whole lot of books about writing, too. If you want to improve, you will!)

If you have tips, corrections, or critiques of a constructive nature or otherwise, please leave a comment somewhere! I'll be sure to read it and thoroughly consider it even if I don't necessarily write a reply. I'm actually terribly shy, so I hardly ever answer people unless they have a specific question. It's not you; it's me.

Requests for both updates and one shots are typically open the last week of every even month. Check out my Free Fic Raffle journal entry on Quotev for more details. Otherwise, while I'm flattered you like what I can do, the answer is no. :)

Current Focuses: Where Gods Do Fear to Tread (Thor)
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