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~About Me~

Let\'s see...

Pen-name: Suki-sama, or Suki-chan

Age: Eighteen

Birthday: February 15, I\'m an Aquarius!

Height: Somewhere around five-five?

Hair color: Usually dark brown, usually.

Eye color: Dark brown, too.

Work/Hobbie related mumbo jumbo: I am a babysitter, starting college this fall, and plan to major in English. I was originally going to pursue a career of neuropsychology, but I wanted to keep writing in my life and I knew if I went down the path of medical school, I would never have the time. My love of writing would die.


Anything I put on this website will be listed below, along with it\'s progress, so if you\'re looking for something, it should be below. If I seem to have forgotten a story or something else that needs to be listed, feel free to mention it to me. Thanks!




-Multi-chapter fics-


-One Shots-

Stash - Death Note - Reader x L (implied?)



Works In Progress:

-Chapter Fics-

Ice Queen - Bleach - Toshiro X OC


To Be a Shinigami... - Bleach - Shiba Kaien x Reader x Kurosaki Ichigo x Hitsugaya Toshiro x Hisagi Shuuhei (Voting Open)


All I Wanted - Harry Potter - Harry Potter x Reader x Draco Malfoy x Theodore Nott (Voting Open)



F-E-B-R-U-A-R-Y... -Shugo Chara - Reader x Tsukiyomi Ikuto


101 Unspoken Words - Multiple Fandoms - Reader x Various (Requests Open)


25 Things I Hid From You... - Multiple Fandoms - Reader x Various (Requests Open)


A Little Heads Up - Multiple Fandoms - Reader x Various (Requests Open)


All You Are To Me - Bleach - Reader x Toshiro Hitsugaya


Bloody Hell - Naruto - Reader x Gaara x Mother Nature


Is it? - D. Gray-man - Reader x Allen Walker


From Beginning to End - D. Gray-man - Reader x Lavi


Charming - Alice Academy - Reader x Hyuuga Natsume


Loyal Dog - Full Metal Alchemist - Reader X Edward Elric


Take My Hand - Bleach - Reader X Hisagi Shuuhei


Coming Soon:

Fickle - Shugo Chara - Tsukiyomi Ikuto x OC


Also, all banners were made by me, but I do not own the pictures or fandoms used in them. If you do own them and would like me to credit you, please message me and I will do so right away. Thank you!


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