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Alias: Rae
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Hi everyone!

Just call me Kits! (Was previously known as Tenshi No Mizu) I love writing fanfictions and have been writing them since I was 11 years old.
Literally, I've been writing for half of my life. At one point I really did want nothing more than to be an authoress,
but I've got my heart set on being a lawyer.
Reader-inserts are my favorite to write, though I do have a account that I go to post all my third-person fics on.
I actually have several different writing styles, they varie depending on what the setting in the story is.
I do try to update as often as possible but between my husband and my job, it gets hard.
I was on e-fic before here, along with FoS-FF. It's been a while but I look forward to meeting and talking to ya'll!

ღ 23
ღ June 11th
ღ Gemini
ღ Married
ღ Country/Punk Girl
ღ Outrageously blunt

Past time:
ღ Sewing Cosplay outfits
ღ Writing
ღ Reading anything
ღ Playing video games
ღ Getting ready to rage quit because of said games
ღ Watching Netflix
ღ Cuddlin' ;D
ღ Secretly being your best friend

Favorite Series:
ღ InuYasha
ღ Naruto
ღ YuYu Hakusho
ღ FullMetal Alchemist
ღ Harry Potter
ღ Death Note
ღ Fruits Basket
ღ Vampire Knight
ღ Sailor Moon
ღ Ouran High School Host Club
ღ Or whatever else I'm in the mood for xD

Favorite Video Games:
ღ Pokemon
ღ Borderlands
ღ Final Fantasy
ღ Kingdom Hearts
ღ Fiesta Online

If you have a prompt for me, please just let me know!
I'm always looking for new inspiration. ;3


I'm currently just working on editing and uploading my old stories.
They'll all be up as soon as possible.
I do however have a few new works that you'll see soon.
Including a couple holiday one-shots. ;3

Working on:

-Valentines fic ;3

ღA Word to the Wise -
Multiple series, multiple pairings. Chapter two and three are being beta'ed, working on chapter four.

ღTime for Dessert!
- Multiple series, multiple pairings. Up to chapter four completed, waiting on beta.

Future Works:

ღNot sure at this point in time~