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Have a request for a specific character/scenario for Kosei? Email me! Rea-tan's Quirk and overall situation will stay the same (meaning no AUs), though! If I went into AU territory, I'd never be able to write for anything else...

EVERYTHING MISSING ON MY LUNA IS BEING FIXED. Please just be patient with me it's a lot ;-;

Project Lazarus: 46/628 (7% Complete)

Project New Day: 101/100k words written for the year

Current Schedule:
- Weekly update (Wednesdays) guaranteed
- Weekend update (Saturdays) will be rare
- Only publishing one story at a time until I rebuild my queue

Kosei (Mr. Compress bonus, then Kamui Woods bonus, then Ectoplasm bonus, then 25-1/?) (various from MHA)
Adorkable (4/27) (Tsuna from KHR)


Kosei! (various from MHA)
Deimatic (7/26) (Nnoitra from Bleach)

Queen of Sun, King of Moon (0/22-44) (Aizen from Bleach, final part of the series)
Radiance (Shima from Blue Exorcist)
Forgotten Nights (Gokudera from KHR)
Immortality (Ryuken from Bleach)
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