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Everyone associates me with Sora from Kingdom Hearts, which tends to get irritating. I may like that game but that has nothing to do with my name. It started out as a nickname that my ex gave me and then everyone just sorta ran with it. I even started to like it and go by it and then I soon had my name legally changed to Minami no Aozora, which means southern blue sky.

I shit you not, I died when I beat all the Kingdom Hearts games.

My favorite anime characters are Kiba, Gaara, Sasori, Sai, Kakashi, Akamaru, Shikamaru, Sakura, Ritsuka, Yuiko, Midori, Ai, Koya, Yamato, Natsuo, Yoji, Cloud, Kadaj, Tifa, Reno, Rude, Vincent, Barrett, Shelke, Marlene, Aerith, Zack, Cait Sith, Red XIII, Yuna, Rikku, and Paine.

I am sixteen, in high school, bored out of my mind, brunette, fanfiction-loving, roleplay-loving, and mildly annoying. ^^

All I ever do is write and draw.

I am a COMPLETE sucker for sappy and tragic love stories. Well, really anything that will make me cry. I don\'t know why. >.<

I love love love Japanese music. Well, most foreign music. I hate American music. Dx

I have an odd obsession with Maya from LM.C. >.> He\'s so unbleievably sexy.

I hate high school.
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