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Yo. Kokiko is what I go by, but I\'m also known as Kiko-Pants (curse you Rain! xD). And it\'s pronounced ko-kai-ko or ever co-ky-co. It just wouldn\'t look as cool if I spelled it Kokaiko...

Yes, I\'m one of those hos from It was just getting a little too... cramped and unsightly over there. :D

Anyway, as a writer I like to stand out from the crowd and be known for my unique plot lines that set me a part from the rest (or at lest I\'d like to think they do). I\'m always looking to better my writing because I want to become an author and already have some amazing ideas. I know I need to work on my spelling and tenses and descriptions, so any criticism would help.

If anyone wants constructive criticism, feel free to ask. I actually can offer some story ideas, too, but that\'s primarily only as far as Vocaloids go \'cause they\'re virtually unwritten characters most of the time.

I love Vocaloids to death, I really do (especially Kaito if that wasn\'t obvious enough), but I don\'t support all of the fanmades. I actually only approve of the cannon Vocaloids, Neru, Haku, all of their opposite gender counterparts, and Hatchune. Well, there\'s a few fanmade that I do support, but they have to be pretty unique for me to like them (like Katsuo and Alpha). I think I\'ll turn this into a list later, but I need to do a lot of Vocaloid whoring first \'cause it has been too long. Seriously, the last time I looked around at Vocaloid songs was when Luka was new and Big Al was coming out. As an ending note to my Vocaloid babble, don\'t even start with me on Kaito\'s personality. I do not approve at all of him being viewed as a complete idiot. D: I actually like it as he\'s an idiot whenever ice cream is involved; like a personality switch or something. Which reminds me, vocaloidofos and few others are probably planning on killing me for ditching them in the rp... -is(potentially was) Kaito-

Try not be bothered by my abuse of smiley faces. I find them needed so I don\'t sound like I\'m trying to pick a fight. It\'s kind of hard to just read text and pick up on my non-offensive/berating/condescending tone unless there\'s a face tacked onto the end. Seriously, see what I write sometimes and take off the faces. You\'ll see what I mean; the whole meaning of what I wrote almost always changes.

Something I forgot to mention. I feel I am the most lazy person alive and it never ends. All in all, don\'t hold your breath for too long when you wait for an update. =D

Do send me reviews and messages, though, as I dearly love them. :3
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