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overreact   [oh-ver-ree-akt]
verb (used without object)
to react or respond more strongly than is necessary or appropriate.

I don\'t care who\'s right or who\'s wrong. If someone \'steals\' your idea. Let it go. Get over your shit, type your stories and drabbles, and let it go. It\'s the internet, people will steal things. You don\'t have the \'influence\' to need to grant another person \'permission\'. If it hurts your feelings, get over it. Whining and bitching about it won\'t help. What happens will happen. Is it fair? No. Are you important enough that it\'ll make a real impact on the world? No. So in the big picture, there\'s only that small minority that really care about your so-called crisis. Majority of the world doesn\'t give a shit. Harsh life? You bet. So kindly shut up and move on :D

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