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Hello, hello! Welcome to my humble abode of a profile.

13th Sep: Guess who got into Pottermore? 8D
Yes, I am secretly a HPnut, sue me.
So anyways, I have been extremely slack when it came to editing and re-checking stories. So stories will be posted out at a much slower pace to ensure that silly mistakes are able to be prevented.

7th Sep: Yay my \'Bon Appetite\' series had finally updated!
Problem -> I accidentally deleted the recently validated chapter OTL
Mein gott, I am such a klutz.

What I write:
One-shots, drabbles, eventually a short story. =w=
Anime/manga/games I write:
Hetalia, TWEWY, Final fantasy, Pokemon, Hitman reborn!, Pandora hearts and more?
I tend to write in 3rd person,and if OC\'s are used, I try to be more discrete with that.

Random facts!
☆ I\'m currently in high school
☆ My current craze/phase: Day dreaming
☆ I am talented at procrastinating. Although that isn\'t something I should be proud of... Oh well. I\'ll edit this later.

Favorite Authors
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