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I'm just here to post some fanfiction of things I like.
If you read and enjoy them, then I've done good on my part!
Hope some of these can catch y'all'ls attention.
If not, it's all good in the hood.


    Universe || Kingdom Hearts
    Title || \"...Change of Heart.\"
    King || Riku
    Queen || Reader
    Précis || The trio of friends want to be off on an adventure; those of darkness want to rule the worlds. What will be to come?
    Status || Hiatus
    Link || N/A.

    Universe || Kingdom Hearts
    Title || Wordly Waltz
    King || Unknown
    Queen || Original Character || Reader
    Précis || What else is out there other than Destiny Island?
    Status || Not yet started.
    Link || Soon to come.

O N E - S H O T S

Title || \"あなたはナイトじゃないですけど。。。\"
King || Lightning
Queen || Reader
Précis || Brainstorming.
Status || Not started.
Link || None yet.
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