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I love Anime and I overly obsess over Japan. I\'m here to write Original FanFictions because I love writing and for other peoples interest in them. I am free to take request. If I have never heard of the Anime you are requesting then, don\'t freak out! I will watch some of it or pull it up on the Intranet! (LOL) I will not write you lemons! I\'m sorry but, I would be caught dead in one of those situations!

X( You don\'t want your favorite author to die, now would you? Just Kidding! But Seriously, If I don\'t have the request out by a certain time just give it some time, I\'m sure those moderators have other important things to do. XD If I write you a request you do not have to pay me back! Just accept it for free~! But if you want to feed back would be nice on how I did! Contact me about it and I\'ll fix it! ARIGATO, MINA-SAN!
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