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I don\'t really sign in unless I\'m here to update a story or answer reviews, so you\'ll probably see me lurking around under an alias rather than penname.

About me

I\'m your average typical female, other than the fact that I hate shopping, I don\'t want kids, I don\'t want to get married, and I\'d much rather play a game of Gears of War or Halo than go clubbing at night. And if I hadn\'t injured myself a few years ago, I\'d still be taking martial arts. (Damn back. I feel so old now!)

I\'m pretty friendly, but my idiot tolerance is almost nonexsistant, so please excuse me if I get snappy. I\'ve probably just dealt (or is dealing) with the aforementioned person.

In terms of my writing, I literally have no schedule. I try my best to update as much as possible, but honestly I\'m so busy these days, I\'m surprised I don\'t just collapse into bed and never wake up. But do not fear, I\'ve got all my stories saved onto the computer and will slowly chip away at each story that I have posted. So thank you for your patience in advance, it is much appreciated =)

While Lunaescence is on hiatus, new chapters/stories will be posted up on

Story Progress

Leap of Faith-Ficlet. It began with a leap of faith... Pairing: You X Surprise (Complete)

Strawberry-Ficlet. You just had to know... Pairing: You X Ichigo (Complete)

In My Shoes-If only you know what my life was like. If only you knew what I have to go through. If only you could walk In My Shoes... Pairing: Undecided. (Chapter 6: Being revised)

Confessions of the Sinful-Because we all sin. And sometimes, it\'s such a bad thing Pairing: You X Various (Lust posted!)

Vanilla-One-shot. You had teased him. And he just couldn\'t resist a taste. Pairing: You X Cloud (Progress: 50% complete)

Split (title subject to change)-He was the guy you liked. She was your sister. Sometimes loyalties aren\'t so clear-cut. Pairing: You X Kurama (Chapter 1: 75% complete)

Deja Vu-Happy endings don\'t always occur. Love doesn\'t always last forever. But maybe... just maybe, if you relived that love, you\'d be able to fall in love again. Pairing: You X Kurama (Chapter 2: 50% completed)

Despite what people say, reviews do actually help speed up updates and keep the author interested in their work. So review people! Don\'t be lazy!

If you would like to contact me, my e-mail\'s darkenigma15(at)yahoo(dot)ca
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