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~Name: Olivia
~Nickname: Olive
~Status: Married
~Age: 20
~Eye Color: Amber
~Hair: Ash Brown
~Skin Tone: Pale
~Favorite Color: Purple
~Favorite Anime: Yu Yu Hakusho
~Favorite Character: Hiei
~Favorite Game: Ookami

--A Ookami\'s Soul [HieixReader Chapter fic](Scrapped for now)
--Beauty and the...Chibi? [HieixReader Chapter fic] (Scrapped for now)
--Half Blood [HieixReader Chapter fic] (On Hold)
--Little Lessons In Life [HieixReader Drabbles] New! -Chapter 23: Offspring-
--Demonic Kisses [HieixReader] (Completed)
--Away From Me [HieixReader] (Completed)

(Don\'t worry, I\'m planning to get back into writing and I\'ll update some of these.
I\'mma rewrite the ones that say scrapped as well.)

:(Up Coming Stories):

Your Beautiful
Pairing ReaderxKurama
Type: Songfic
Rated: PG-13/R
Summary: \'Everybody wants your time; Im just dreaming out loud. I cant have you for mine..\'
God sure didn\'t skip when it came to him; he was perfection- the meaning of beauty. There was no way someone like him could like someone like yourself.. it was just out of the question. He was beyond intelligent, handsome, kind- he could make any girl have a heart attack with just one glance. There was no way he could harbor feelings for you, after all, you were plain, ordinary.. average. Besides; he was your college professor.

Remember Me
Pairing: HieixReader
Type: Chapter Fic
Rating: NC-17/Adult
Summary: Death... The end of life, that moment when your heart stops beating- there was no after, just darkness, he knew death pretty well. Death was his best friend, following him like a stalker. Death was a constant reminder than no one, not even demons could live forever..but why did it have to take her? It should of been him, it was his destiny to die not hers! And now, she was gone, no more- just a memory.. or so he thought.

It should of been me.. (HieixReader)



Hello everyone, long time no see! I am truly and utterly sorry for being away for so long! Let\'s just say life has been a pain in the ass and the more I live in this world, the more I want to run away- hence why I am back! Fanfiction was a way to keep my sanity, and right now I need it more than ever. There have been some new things since my return last week, I\'ve added Lesson 23 of Little Lessons In Life, currently working on Lesson 24 right now. Also I\'ve added a story I wrote last year, it was on fos-ff.

My computer crashed last summer and I ended up losing almost everything, including all my fics and poems *tear*, but lucky my friend had the rough version of Away From Me! so it gives me a little bit of happiness but everything else, such as A Ookami Soul have been lost. My brain storm for The Half Breed is gone as well so it may take awhile to get that story back up and running. I am currently working on a oneshot for my friend and also a new chapter fic! Although the chapter fic may not be up for awhile seeming as I\'m going to do this right and write at least 5 chapters before starting to upload. You can expect more out of me for now on! :D

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