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I like harry potter for sirius, harry, severus, or lucius, Deathnote only for L,
Inuyasha for sesshomaru and kagome, and Hellsing for, of course, alucard.
If you know any good fanfic for them let me know, or have any good ideas for a good fanfic let me know.

oh i am only 18, and a virgin
the only way to be
virgin with the mind of a pervert

so far Irony and Crys-chan are my favorites
but i am still looking

Name: Just call me Rem or Rem-chan. I rather not give out my real name. L\'s orders. *winks*

Age: 18

Height: 5\' 8\"

Hair: Dark brown and a bit curly

Eyes: brown ( i want red contacts though)

Skin: just a little lighter than brown

Likes: singing, writing, going online, hanging out with my BFF. i haven\'t tried to cosplay yet, but that depends on how i feel

Dislikes: snobs, annoying people, messy people, and people who think they are better than everyone else and I really don\'t like the color yellow.

Fav Food: Ice cream, ramen, pizza, ham, beef, sandwiches

Least Fav Food: I really don\'t hate that many diff. types of food. I\'m picky ^_^

Fav Color: Black, white, red

Least Fav Color: yellow