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It\'s been a while since I dared to log into my account.

First off, my apologies to all of my readers who have seen all my stories halted. Honestly, I feel I should stick with drabbles and one-shots over full blown stories. I can never seem to finish my full stories. I\'m hoping I can get back on the fanfiction track here soon. Be as I have been away for a while I\'ll need to respark my brain by reading some of the manga involved with the stories that are laid out and watch some anime and cartoon series. With any luck, I\'ll be back in the game in no time. Until then, I guess you can reread my stories? I mean, I reread stories all the time...sometimes.

ANYWAY! Pleased to meet those new to my works. I am the glorious BDoodle, aka shadowedreality, aka bitterkitsune. I am an artist, a fanfiction writer, and possibly a crazy person! I\'ve been gone for a while but I\'m back. I love anime and movies and a variety of other things. I\'ve an associate degree in graphic design, though the degree seems to be nothing more than decoration at the moment until I feel I\'m ready to start job hunting again. I guess there\'s not much to know about me. I\'m your typical fan case/artist/gamer.


The Prince and The Pauper Reader x Zuko Born of the streets, it\'s all you really knew. And then, as fate would have it, your lowly finds itself among royalty in the adventure of your meager lifetime.

Between A Rock and A Hard Place Reader x Bolin Pro-bending. It wasn\'t just a sport, it was a lifestyle. You and your team worked hard and played hard just so you could reach the top. But with the equalists on the rise, putting a damper on your plans, there\'s only one thing to do.

Between A Rock and A Hard Place Reader x Undecided Mass Effect reader-insert. Unfinished plot idea.
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