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Name: Isis Schneider
Alias: Isis Schneider
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Skin: Shinigami_HPB
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Name: Isis Schneider
Age: I\'m wise beyond my years~
Birthday: My birthday is the day I was born
Zodiac: My zodiac is the sign of the day I was born
Status in Lunaescence: ... Writter from time to time
Personality: A personality only found on the Wild!Isis you find on the Serengeti (?)
Likes: Breathing.
Dislikes: Yaoi
Bishie: Alfred \"FUCK YEAH!\" Jones aka. America -swoons-

Projects: I have a bunch of Hetalia stories, some posted in Quizilla, and some only in my computer. Since they all are crappy, I don\'t know if I\'ll post them, we\'ll see...
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