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\"What\'s coming will come, and we\'ll meet it when it does.\"
-Rubeus Hagrid

\"So what if it looks hopeless? If it were me, I still wouldn\'t give up. Embrace your dreams.\"
-Zack Fair

--General Information--

|N A M E|


|D A T E . O F . B I R T H|

october 12

|L O C A T I O N|

my preferred reality

|F A V O R I T E S|

kingdom hearts; final fantasy; harry potter; bleach; pandora hearts; black cat

|L I K E S|

reading; writing; video games; manga/anime; j-pop and instumental music

| D I S L I K E S|

twilight; homework; stupid people; math

|C U R R E N T . N E W S|

february 01: DANG. It\'s been forever since I updated this. How\'ve you guys been? O.O Well, I changed my username. I\'m Ninja-chan now. The other one I made up when I was twelve, and I hate it with a passion now. So yeah. This one is much better. ^_^ I\'m mostly just here to let you know that you probably won\'t be seeing any fanfics from me for at least a little while. I\'m STILL busy writing Pulse, and I\'ve gotten more interested in writing more original fiction lately. I have a ton of plot bunnies; it\'s very annoying. Anyway! Don\'t worry, faithful readers! I\'ll still be around. Just...not as often. I hope you guys have a great day! Much love!


|A . L O T . L I K E . L O V E|

\"Riku\" \"Roxas\"
fandom: Kingdom Hearts
female lead: Kitty
male leads: Roxas; Riku
status: 3/??? chapters completed; on hiatus

|C O M E . H O M E . S O O N|

fandom: Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children
female lead: Sable Gray
male lead: Cloud Strife
status: 5/??? chapters completed; on hiatus

|J U S T . U N T I L . T H E . H O L I D A Y S ...|

fandom: Kingdom Hearts
female lead: Kitty
male lead: Riku
status: 1/??? chapters completed; on hiatus

|R I K U \' S . R A I N|

fandom: Kingdom Hearts
female lead: Kitty
male lead: Riku
status: 1/??? chapters completed; on hiatus

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--Upcoming Stories--

|B E G I N N I N G|

fandom: Bleach
female leads: Genesis di Angelo; Faith di Angelo
male leads: None; Sosuke Aizen

|M I R R O R . I M A G E|

fandom: Kingdom Hearts
female lead: Zero
male leads: Roxas; Silas

|S H A T T E R|

fandom: Final Fantasy VII: Dirge of Cerberus
female lead: Hiro
male lead: Vincent Valentine


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