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I\'m 18, graduated high school with the class of \'06. I am attending OSU next year. I love anime, especially Yu Yu Hakusho and am a HUGE animal lover!!! If you want to talk to me, just send me an e-mail! I love talking to new people! I\'m going to try writing some stories. I have written stories in the past, but that was like 7 years ago. ^-^ Any comments or suggestions, PLEASE tell me!!! I would love to hear criticism! Mainly constructive please! ^-^ Thanks again.

Also, I am working on several stories. I only have one posted, but some otherís that I have either partially written or a plot bunnies for.

The story I have posted is Chemistry. Not to fond of the name, but no better ideaís are jumping to mind.

A story I have partially written is a story that is a Hiei/You. I havenít seen any crossovers between DS9 and YYH, so I made this one a crossover like that. You are Daxís adopted daughter who is a fan of YYH. You love annoying Quark and finally get the chance to write a holo program.

If it sounds good, let me know! I will type it up.

Another story that Iíve started is one about a girl who goes on a family vacation, the car stalls, they go to a cave to spend the night, and somehow gets transported to demon world, where her family is killed but she gets saved and trains. Then, a certain white haired demon tries to steal her amuletÖ. Did I mention that that girl is you? A reader/Youko/Kurama story.

If it sounds good, LET ME KNOW!!!! Lol I want to get another story up but canít decide which one.

Another story that I have started is sorta based on religion. If you have a big thing about anything that questions god is the devil, then this is not the fic for you. Itís a Hiei/you with you being Lucifer and meeting up with Hiei and Kurama because you were bored with eternal ice. Semi based on Danteís Inferno, at least the setup of hell is. This dosenít have a lot to do with religion, just the setup does. Well, tell me what you think.

My last idea is a story about you and a friend, both big fans of Yu Yu Hakusho. You get a box from your mom and are told not to open it. Think of it like Pandoraís box. You open it anyways, and Hiei appears in your room and Kurama appears in your best friendís. You end up in the dark tournament with Karasu after you.

Tell me what you think on any of them. The last one is my least favorite, but I would still love input. Anyways, thanks again.
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