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Name: Annabelle Roades
Alias: Benny
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Heya. M\'name\'s Annabelle, but you can call me Benny. Everyone does

I have two muses on my side, \'cause three\'s a crowd; their names are Mukinotsu Satoshi and Tuduro Biamelli. Satoshi is the more angsty and realistic of the two, while Tuduro normally indulges my more fantastical writing side. Both of them are the best.

When they\'re not trying to kill each other.

Anyway, I\'m sure you\'re bored from hearing about li\'l ol\' me, so please! Read something. Anything.



Since you\'re still listening/reading...

Basic Information
Age: young(ish)
Height: actually, really tall
Weight: going down! *yay*
Birthday: June 16
Sun Sign: Gemini (split personality, I swear to gawd)
Ascendant Sign: ...Gemini (weird, huh?)
Zodiac Sign: Imma cock. .... What?
Sexual Orientation: Straight as an arrow. Doesn\'t mean I\'m not a virgin.
Totally Copied This Profile Style From FireDemonessJaganshi: Yes

A Few Faves
Color: blue. no, wait! red. yellow? ....get back to me, will ya?
Food: candy. give meh sugar.
Drink: milk. *straight face*
Favorite Music Style: Epic Metal. it\'s sooo overly dramatic!
Second Favorite: rock or rap. can\'t tell.
Third Favorite: european techno!
Favorite Word Right Now: altruism

altruism \\AL-troo-iz-um\\ noun
: unselfish interest in the welfare of others

Favorite Video Game: the only one I have! The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess
Favorite Book: The Princess Bride
Favorite Movie: ....The Princess Bride

Current Status
Reading: The Picture of Dorian Gray, Paradise Lost
Playing (video games): Twilight Princess
Playing (piano): Killer Queen, Spinning Song, Kiss From a Rose
Writing: (listed by order of priority)

[My Mother Always Said -- Princess Tutu]

You know, she knew what she was talking about (some of the time)!


[Changeling -- Artemis Fowl]

A human child switched at birth with a faerie child was oftentimes called a changeling. These changelings, or faerie babies, often showed signs of unique growth early on in life, but only after it was too late. The most common switches were generic fair folk and, most often, trolls.

No one, not even the faerie people themselves, want to believe they exist.


[Liber Omnia Vincet -- original]

They said that magic was in her blood. Too bad her kind normally got burned first and were asked questions later. The pages of the book called to her, though, and she had to follow. The Prophet swore he would tell.

And she trusted him with her life.
Favorite Authors
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