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This is:
-Nagabonar-an from DeviantArt
-NagabonarJr from Quizilla
-Necro eX-Kogito from Fanfiction.Net

This little trickster is an action, fight scene, pain, torture and black comedy expert (okay...more like I write it a lot of times I\'m getting better at them). Please go to the links, cause that\'s where MOST of my writings go to.

Anime/manga that I know, like, and might write in the future:
-Bleach (though I only read up to vol. 16)
-Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles
-Keroro Gunsou
-Kyou Kara Maoh! (only up to season 2 though...)

Sorry, no KHR...not until it\'s published in my country. Too lazy to read/watch online.