Member Profile: Mikells
Name: Mikells
Alias: Michael W
Status: Author
Join Date: 04/26/11
Last Logged In: 04/04/17
Skin: Shinigami_HPB
Real Name: Michael White

Birthday: January

From: QLD, Australia


-Computer games
-My friends

-Cricket and Backgammon (Don\'t understand them)
-Onion (GROSS)
-Banana (Allergic)
-Fakes (Pretty obvious reasons)
-Michael Bay (You can not ... ABSOLUTELY CAN NOT ... kill off Megatron just because YOU\'RE done with Transformers you Nazi!)
-J.J. Abrams (For screwing up everything Star Trek meant and mashing it together with some bullshit that doesn\'t even make sense REGARDLESS of the alternate-timeline crap)

Favourite Bands/Singers:

-Billy Joel
-White Stripes
-Red Hot Chili Peppers
-The Corrs
-Kevin Bloody Wilson
-Paolo Nutini
-Jim Byrnes
-The Servant
-Artificial Fear
-Panic! at the Disco
-Las Ketchup
-Michael Jackson

Favourite Movies:

-Star Trek: The Wrath of Khan
-Star Trek: Nemesis
-Farscape: The Peacekeeper Wars (Technically a miniseries)
-Star Wars: The Phantom Menace
-Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith
-Star Wars: Return of the Jedi
-The Watcher
-Repo Man
-Pacific Rim (Despite the fact that it\'s existence might now nullify plans for a live action Evangellion movie)
-The Lone Ranger (2013)

Favourite Games:

-Dead Space
-Command & Conquer 3 (Including the expansion)
-Star Wars: Empire At War
-God Of War
-Dead or Alive 3 and 4
-Soul Calibur 3 and 4
-Rock Band
-Halo 1, 2 and 3
-World of Warcraft (Before Cataclysm)
-Oddworld series (Stranger\'s Wrath is just weird though)
-Star Wars: The Old Republic
-Neverwinter (Also playing tabletop D&D)

Favourite Genres:


Favourite Authors:

-John Marsden
-George Lucas
-Gene Roddenberry
-Stephenie Meyer
-Jeanne C. Stein
-Richelle Mead
-Sam Sykes
-Arthur Conan Doyle
-Agatha Christie
-Kerri Arthur
-George R. R. Martin
-Jack Campbell
-Terry Goodkind (With the exception of the atrocious Law of Nines)

Favourite TV/Web series(s):

-Agatha Christie\'s Poirot
-Battlestar Galactica (The new series)
-Dr. Who (As much as there ever will be)
-Stargate: SG1
-Stargate: Atlantis
-Stargate: Universe
-All of the Star Trek series (Including some of the fan-mades)
-Lost In Space
-Star Wars: The Clone Wars
-Falling Skies
-Red vs Blue
-The Guild
-Game of Thrones

Favourite Anime:

-Kannazuki no Miko
-Shakugan no Shana
-Evangellion: Neon Genesis
-Strawberry Panic
-Death Note
-Highschool of the Dead
-Deadman Wonderland
-Highschool DxD
-Rosario Vampire
-Sword Art Online
-Pokemon (Only to a certain point, then it got annoyingly repetitive)
-Digimon (Only to a certain point, and then it just got silly)