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I can finally LEGALLY read R fics~! *cries with joy* Yup I just turned 18 last Feb. 3. Joy right???

About me~

Star or Dark is what I go by in MF

I ish 18 though I don\'t act like it. And I was born on Feb. 3 1991 (*fell over laughing* I got my age wrong the first tme!!!)

I am prone to acts of insaniy like clinging to my friends and then shouting at the top of my lungs~

I\'m a total tsundere...more dere than tsun but still a tsundere.

I would be a classic megane wearing tsundere if only I didn\'t have my contacts.

Will volunteer to do something then whine about it.

I\'m in college. (2 more years!!) and my projects are killing me~


Reading:KHR! Me luvvles it!! Oh and Tess Gerritsen books. Me luvvles medical thrillers. Shihshi

Watching: Still KHR!!

Stalking: Hibari and his handcuffs

Eating: I\'ve fallen in love with the heavenly triple chocolate cake~ (and CRUNCH which is an always in my life)

I\'m alive at:

I use the same username so just look for me there.