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You\'re Friendly Neighbourhood Tara

Hey there! Tara here, I\'m nineteen and I\'ve been writing fanfics on and off for quite a long time now, although I normally writer proper stories. Amazingly I know Honteuxange on here and we will probably have the same OCs popping up in our work because we create characters together. In fact we do everything you can try and spin that anyway you want and we will not let you know if you\'re right or not mwhahaha.

Anyway I\'m a bit insane at times and really hyper which you probably wouldn\'t expect if you saw me in real life which ever few people ever do. Unlike a lot of people I don\'t easily get embarresed we could be talking about anything and I wouldn\'t care less what I said if it was what I believed.

I\'m probably going to post up either my Naruto or Yu-Gi-Oh, don\'t judge or else, stories up here if they get accepted. Normally you\'ll find I do one-shots for friends or myself because it\'s a lot easier. I am co writing several stories with honteuxange though. Actually that\'s a lie, I\'m helping tweak the storylines and everything.

I might write spoilers in my fan-fiction but these will be warned clearly in AN\'s because you might not want to know. I also often use Song titles for my chapters because music is my life.

Now when it comes to my fandoms... as in the characters I might end up pairing my OCs with I tend to go for the...stranger ones. Below is a collection of cannons I might pair Originals with.

My Main Cannon Usage

* Kisame Hoshigaki {Naruto}
* Shikamaru Nara {Naruto}
* Deidara {Naruto}
* Malik (Evil one) {Yu-Gi-Oh!}
* Raph {Yu-Gi-Oh!}
* Jack Krauser {Resident Evil}
* Mystique/Raven Darkholme {X-Men}
* Juggernaut/Cain Marko {X-Men}

There are more of course but those are the main ones.

Now onto the more pressing subject. I try my hardest like my friends to not have Mary-Sue characters be they male or female. In fact we generally get together to make sure we all don\'t think they are. This includes myself, Honteuxange screw it I\'m going to call her Shauny from now on and a few of our friends who don\'t post fanfictions online and just write them for fun. However if you think any OCs I use are Mary-Sue comment so but please do it nicely because unlike Shauny I don\'t take kindly to flamers...In fact I hate them. Now if your constructive I will love you forever.


Being the kind little friend I am I often will post up one-shots I\'ve wrote for friends in the past. I do, do requests also. I often dedicate my work to my friends also for getting me to start or finish and so on so watch this space.

It\'s All About YOU

Indeed I might write a few reader insert fics but these will probably be for the characters I like so ya know they might not be liked by a lot of people.