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“Growing old is mandatory … growing up is optional!”

Greetings from one of the eldest fan-fic writers you’ll find. How old? Well, being the lady I am I can’t reveal my exact age but I have two beautiful children and a sexy husband who I met years ago via an on-line game.

Ronin Warriors will always be one of my favorite anime (have a very large story posted else where) because it led me to so many wonderful people; my current anime interests are Naruto and Bleach.

Beyond writing, my spare time (if you have such things as a mother) is spent playing World of Warcraft with the husband. Can find us on the Icecrown server, alliance side most evenings for a couple of hours.

Please take a moment to leave a review after reading my tales, the good … the bad … the ugly. Okay maybe just the good and suggestions on how to improve.

You may come across my stories in other places under the name “Koori”, that is me too! I changed my user name a few years ago but Shima is the name I’m known for here. *hopes that makes sense*

Be Safe! ~ Theresa (aka Shima and/or Koori)

A little about my characters

The curse of unoriginality, I didn’t mean for it to happen but a couple of my characters in my Naruto Tale and my World of Warcraft share the same names. I love Japanese names they are so colorful, though I probably totally butcher the way they are pronounce.

In the tale Hero’s Chronicles one of the main characters is named Amaya, she’s befriended by a spirit fox by the name Hotaru (which means Firefly in Japanese)

After I had started that story I created a Blood Elf Hunter who tamed a dragonhawk which is a flying creature that has fire breath. It just seemed Hotaru was perfect for her. And while writing the very first story about my Blood Elf … his mother had a very minor part so I fell back on Amaya not thinking anyone would see the light of day of his tale beyond my guild forum. And then his story took off and without thinking about it Amaya became more and more involved.

And then there is the tiny fact about my sexy blood elf, Obito. Yes, he is named after Kakashi’s childhood friend from Naruto. But that’s where any and all similarities end … well except for one small detail, which I’m sure true fans of Naruto can figure out. When I first created him I wasn’t thinking of fan-fic I was thinking how cool it would be to have Obito with a wind serpent (think flying snake) that has a lightening attack named Kakashi. I still think it’s a great idea that I’ll follow through with someday.

Pictures! (Click On Names)

Obito Ravenwind
Amaya Ravenwind
Tyilo Ravenwind
Cinada Flamesinger
Lotheolan Flamesinger
Zalon Clawtwister
Vorat, Silvermoon Guardian
Rater Grimshade
Grand Magister Rommath
Group Shot Of The Blood Elves
5 Elves + 1 Troll = ???
Dueling A Paladin
More Pictures Can Be Found Here

Tales Status As Of 07/15/07

A Hero\'s Chronicles
Status: Backburner (Though now that I\'m back to only one WoW tale will be working on it again soon, promise)
Working On: Chapter Two of Part Six is complete; I may go back to posting chapters instead of parts will have to see.

Status: Coming Soon! Working On It Daily
Working On: Chapter Two

Status: Complete

Status: Complete

Silver Lining
Status: Complete - Had a longer story in my mind when started but interest waned and then vanished all together.

The Ronin Warrior Stories
Status: As Complete As They Are Going To Be For Now. Please don\'t ask me about missing 5th one … hoping someday to at least finish The History of Halo.

Obito\'s Tale
Status: Hiatus
Working: Nothing at the moment just a good place to put short stories of Obito