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Name: Adelida
Alias: Christina... Crazy Chick, it depends really.
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Hi, I am Adelida formerly known as Crazy Chick on Quizilla, but alas it let me down so I am here now after a year of being a ghost. I highly doubt anyone knows any of the fics I wrote there though.
Okay, So I made this profile about two months ago and I disappear, great.
But now I have net book and getting through the finals next week will mean that I will have time for Luna and finally posting something. :3

For those who care
Basic info
o My actual name is Christina, and it is common therefore it is disliked.
o Is still 18 but says 19 when asked… oops. Is 20 but keeps forgetting.
o Shares a birthday with six other people she knows.
o Cannot hold a conversation for long for she is socially awkward.
o Would love to visit A-kon again.
o Is scarred for life by friends and the Organization 13 who almost trampled her over.
o Is fluent in English and Spanish, can somewhat read not really French and occasionally Italian, and was able to read Russian for a day.
o Is a terrible student
o Would love to travel around the world

Anime and/or Manga
• D.Gray-man
• Negima
• Full Metal Alchemist
• +Anima
• Yu GI Oh
• Naruto
• Death Note
• InuYasha
• Yu Yu Hakusho
There are more but I cannot think straight at the moment name them all.

The shows
• Bones
• House
• Criminal Minds
• Ghost Whisperer
• Psych
As for movies I have no real favorites same with books. Actually if I were to list all the books I like this would be a page longer. As for music genre wise I like all, but as to what I actually listen to leans more towards Rock, Alternative, Pop, and anything in between.