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Name: Lucid_Enigma
Alias: Anne
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Hi there I\'m _______
I love inspiration in any shape or form
I dream of owning a boxer named Axel
I\'m an aspiring authoress, video editor, and game designer
I wonder what my future holds

Name: Anne, well that\'s part of my name anyway xD
Birthday: September 5
Age: It\'s between 1 and 25; can you guess?
Fav. Color: Crimson, blue
Fav Music genre: Alternative but I listen to almost every type

Likes/hobbies: Dancing, singing, writing, Cosplay, Tennis, swimming, music, the beach, rain, cloudy days, Video games, AMV making, Video Editing

Hope you enjoy my stories!

Side note:

I\'ve taken down any websites attached to me or anything linking me anywhere off of this site. I\'ve done this because someone was taking my stories off of this website and posting them on another website while also using my personal bio from one of my accounts to pass as me. So, sorry to anyone who may have been interested in getting to know me outside of here.