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Hi people. When I started on this site, I got really self conscious about what I was going to write here, so it\'s taken me a year or so to muster up the guts to do it. But you probably don\'t care about that very much.
I\'m an Aussie, but don\'t let that turn you off my writing. I like to think I\'m deep, but I\'ll let you decide that on your own.

Current Obbessions (they change about once a month)
Doctor Who/Torchwood
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Angel
Grease (the musical)
Lord Of the Rings

I mostly write fan fictions, but ever so occasionally, an original idea jumps out of my head.I will get around to posting those at some point.

Note To All Hetalia Fanfic Readers- My head is too full, so Hetalia is currently on semi-hiatus. Sometimes, I will post something new in Scotland & Romania, so continue keeping an eye out. Hetalia was the reason I started using Lunaescence, so don\'t despair, and please keep writing reviews, I love them!

I will put up my first Sherlock fanfic as soon as I have somewhere to put it. In the meantime, it gets longer and longer and longer (As I am writing this, my first one is at 1482 words).

Please enjoy what I have, and wait patiently for what you know is coming.

Notice: I am writing a 4th of July Hetalia Fanfic, so keep an eye out in Scotland & Romania