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Well, I\'m Katie.

I am currently in love with Assassin\'s Creed, and my favorite character is Federico Auditore da Firenze. c:

My favorite band is 30 Seconds to Mars! And Im not sure what else to write here, haha.

Stories I am working on:

What Hurts the Most
Assassin\'s Creed
Sometimes things happen.
Sometimes you wish they wouldn\'t.
Reader / Various
1/? completes

Assassin\'s Creed
The line between love and jealousy is thin as a fishing line-- And Vieri could hardly even see it anymore.
One-sided Vieri de Pazzi / Reader
5 / 10 completed

Seven Days of Hell
Katekyo Hitman Reborn!
It\'s that time again-- And the Varia has no idea how to deal with you.
Varia / Reader, implied Belphegor / Reader
5 / 7 completed
on hiatus due to misplacement of chapters.

Fic trades and requests are always welcome! c:

Wanna play?
PSN: MaggieMax
Games: Assassin\'s Creed: Brotherhood; LittleBigPlanet; LittleBigPlanet 2; Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2; Call of Dury: Black Ops (Though I warn you, I am not that great at it! xD)

That\'s all for now, I will update this later~~