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Hello, everybody! The name\'s Taylor, but you can call me anything, really.

So, I took down Reality TV and Real Game because those are never getting updated, and they weren\'t really that far along, anyway. I wrote something today, though, for the first time in almost a month, and I hope to start being more active around this site. There are so many fandoms I want to write for. D: Allow me to list them for you, so you\'ll know what to expect in the not-so-near future (because we all know I\'m lazy and will get around to writing for only one or two of these for the next... while).
Homestuck (So much Homestuck.)
Serial Experiments Lain
Kino no Tabi
MAYBE Baten Kaitos?!

Anyway, there you go. I\'m off! PCHOOOOO.