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Alias: Tarra
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I like to assume people know me as [x]Rose[x] from the very buggy site, Quizilla, which has been my fanfic fangirl rage for years. Using this hurr for back ups and whatnot since it appers that zilla is eating EVERYTHING.

Aliases: [x]Rose[x], Tarra, Amethyst
Age: Secret~
Birthday: 26st June
Height: 5\'3\"


An otaku.
Loves way too many fictional men.
Obsessives over Tiger & Bunny, KHR & Ao no Exorcist
Obsessives over the Shin Megami Tensei games
Wishes to learn kanji. for otome games and doujins/shot
Extreme procrastinator.
Loves making friends but never seems to.
Has an extremely ADD-ish brain.
Loses interest in things too easily.
Doubts herself way too much.
An extreme sucker for smut. /shot
Majors in angst, fluff and crack.
Huge daydreamer.
Slightly insane.

Tell Me You\'ll Stay [ 2 / ? ]

You\'re In My Veins [ 2 / ? ]

௰e ௰ere ℓost [ 6 / ? ]

They Say тяυє Love ӈυятs [ 5 / ? ]