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I\'m a 21-yr-old girl living in the states with my boyfriend and our two kitties =^_^=
I have a 6-yr-old little sister and 2 younger brothers. I love comic books, anime/manga, horror movies, reading, and writing.
Its been my dream to be a published novelist since the 4th grade and I\'ve done everything I could to learn how to get published since then. The first author to ever inspire me to be a writer was R.L. Stine. It was my dream to be a horror author as a child, but I didn\'t have the experience at the moment to know how to write horror. Hopefully, that will all change after I get my high school diploma and am to go to college.
I currently write YA fiction and consider drama to be my forte, although I would love to learn how to write psychological thrillers. Oh, and IMO, Stephen King is NOT the master of horror. I believe that Thomas Harris, author of the Hannibal Lector series, is. His book Hannibal Rising gave me nightmares about horror I didn\'t even know I could have O.o
One of my favorite things to write about is X-Men: Evolution and the Marvel Universe, but that doesn\'t seem to have much a fanbase here, despite the recent Marvel anime. So here is a link to my profile on where you can read my work \"Blaze\" and \"Flaming Ember\" if you like. \"Flaming Ember\" is not finished yet, but \"Blaze\" is and if you decide to read them, I do hope you like them and take the time to review. I love hearing from my readers as it inspires me to keep writing --

If you have any questions about me or my work, please feel free to ask. I will not hesitate to answer. Thank you ^_^