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Hello! This profile is currently under construction, but if you wish to view what it is now, then please do so!

~ Personal Info. ~

You call me: Soph or Zil. Or Sophsoph. :D Just not WW, okay?

Age: 10th grade, of course~. Haha, what, you actually thought I was going to tell you? You silly person. x3

Gender: F

Religion: Catholicism
- I may be Catholic, but don\'t think I\'m one of those extremists. I don\'t try to convert anyone; I respect others\' beliefs. And, I\'m not homophobic. I actually have quite a few friends that are homosexuals. They\'re so much fun to hang out with! As a result, I am an extreme gay rights activist. So if you are homophobic, I don\'t want to talk to you.