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Old stories are disasters, but nostalgia prevents me from deleting them. What can I say? I'm sentimental about everything, including splinters. Though... that isn't completely the reason why I won't delete them. I can recall an author deleting a story that I really enjoyed reading. Said author thought, because they didn't like their work on that story, that no one cared to reread it. They were surprised when I contacted them about it. My point is: though it may not seem like it, there are plenty of readers out there who care for stories, regardless of how much the author thinks otherwise. So, on the off chance that someone actually cares about anything old of mine I've written, I'll hold off on getting rid of it (even though part of me reaaaally wants to.) And remember that everyone, before you delete your own stories. There's probably someone out there who loves them and would really miss getting to reread them! (:

Been a bit MIA for a few months due to real life, but I'm back active again and hope to make amends to the user base for my lack of activity and improvements surrounding Lunaescence. Thank you guys for putting up with me (the real MVPs here are all of Lunaescence's wonderful authors, members, and visitors). I promise to make up for my lack of activity. Part of that 'making it up to the community' project I've undertaken includes a complete and total revamp of the site. You can check out the landing page with the days-to-launch countdown timer here. Thank you guys again for sticking with Lunaescence.

I promise I'll make the revamp worth the wait!

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