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\"Pleasure is the flower that passes; remembrance, the lasting perfume."\ -Jean de Boufflers

Long ago, I used to write here under the username Ravynna, but unfortunately, I can no longer access the account because I can no longer access the email that it was registered underneath! Thus, I made a new account to pick up writing again.

Last Update: 01.24.2020

I'm gearing up to release the prologue of Apple In My Eye. Just reviewing it to see if I don't want to add or rewrite anything again. It's not a very long intro, but hopefully it'll be interesting enough.

I'm also thinking about doing a one-shot / drabble series as a pairing for Apple in My Eye, but that is still in the air at the moment with nothing concrete.


Apple In My Eye
(Pokemon: Sword & Shield)
Completion: 00/??
Pairing: Raihan/Kibana x OC
Synopsis: Trinity Grace was forced to move Galar as a young teen with one rule to abide by: do not appear in the media or participate in any social networking. After a harsh lesson, Trinity followed her mother’s rule for years and made certain she did nothing to stand out in the crowd. However, reacquainting herself with Raihan, who is a fan of actively using social media, that rule suddenly became harder. Afraid of the consequences of disobeying mother but longing for the taste of freedom, Trinity will have to choose if she will step into the light.

Author Note: I originally made a drabble series with an original character, Tammy Grace. There were many things that I did not like about how Tammy was coming out or how the relationships revolving around her were working out. With the release of Sword & Shield, I wanted to work in the Galar region so I’ve reworked my original character to someone new and made this new story. I chose Raihan as a love interest because he was a character in the game that really stood out among the others for me and seemed fun to write about. So here we are with the story, Apple in My Eye.