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Hello! For people who don\'t know me, my name is AJ. AJ

-likes to draw

-canNOT color

-enjoys writing

-can sing a pretty tune

-likes when people like her creations

-likes the color green xD

-likes anime

-is a major spelling/ language freak

-kinda has crap memory

-forgot what else she wanted to say

-says BYE!!!!!!!!


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Taco the level 73 Shinx!

The Best Bleach Boyfriend for You Your Result: Kurosaki Ichigo 

You secretly desire a guy who you\'ll hate on your first date. His impeccable style and general coolness will drive you nuts. Against your better judgment you\'ll still go out with him even if you do nothing but argue. He\'ll be aloof and standoffish, but somehow along the way he\'ll show you his tender side without too many words. Once he falls for you, he will fall hard, so beware. Even when you try to get rid of him, he\'ll just stalk you to the ends of the earth, beat down on your defenses, and make you his. Be prepared for a lifetime of passion and heroics: it\'s going to be one wild ride.

Abarai Renji Kuchiki Byakuya Kisuke Urahara Yasutora Chad Hitsugaya Toshiro Ishida Uryu Ukitake Jushiro The Best Bleach Boyfriend for You
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Which Bleach Boy Is All Yours?

Your Boy Is Ichigo Kurosaki! Congrats!

He\'s tough, he\'s schmexy and he\'s the hero of the Bleach saga! This boy would do anything and everything to keep you out of harms way. sure he may seem cold and cruel at first, but when you get to know him, he\'s a real sweetheart and could never turn you away. Sure sometimes his temper is aggravating, but he really does love you and doesn\'t mean to hurt you in any way. He\'s not the type to tell you straight out that he loves you, but you know he does. He can be a best friend and a true lover at the same time, and he will always come to your aid, no matter what the odds and no matter who he\'s up against.;)

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What bleach girl character are you? You are Rukia Kuchiki! \"What Rukia's ability to get into others' heads comes into play a number of other times throughout the series, most commonly in the human world. By playing the part of a poor,innocent girl, Rukia is able to get others to side with her and otherwise focus their scrutiny on an unrelated topic so that her peculiar actions might go unnoticed. A recurring gag throughout the series is Rukia's drawing ability, or lack thereof. When needing to explain something to someone, most commonly Ichigo, Rukia uses poorly drawn pictures to illustrate the topic. Regardless of what the subject might be, all of her worksmost closely resemble bears, rabbits, or some other typical woodland creature. Ichigo is always quick to comment on this deficiency, and promptly receives either a beating and/or graffiti to the face for bringing it up. Fun quizzes, surveys & blog quizzes by \"Quibblo\"


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